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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 31, 2014

— Forbes magazine scolds anti-deaf human resources manager

Important business people read the Forbes Magazine.
It is the #1 magazine with them, equal to the
Wall Street Journal. There was an article about a
NTID graduate applying for a job. The article was
titled – Hiring Managers that behave badly. The
manager did not want to hire the deaf. He went
ahead with the interview to show the world that
he does not “discriminate.” The interview was a
joke and a fake. The deaf person was not hired.
DeafDigest hopes that NTID graduate was able to
find a better job elsewhere.


— using an interpreter during a crime

Could a deaf robber be using an interpreter while
committing a crime? Paul Coombs, a deaf criminal
from Dundee, Scotland, broke into an apartment
to steal money from a victim. To communicate
with the victim, he used his interpreter, who
just followed him! Yes, he was arrested and
sentenced to 14 months in jail. Did the
interpreter go to jail, as an accomplice?
DeafDigest editor does not know.

— communicating with a robot

Could we communicate with a robot? Deaf people
entering Orchard Supply Hardware store in
San Jose, California, will be greeted by a
robot. How to communicate with a robot?
This robot has a video that could communicate
with the deaf. Since Orchard Supply Hardware
is part of the Lowe’s chain, we probably will
see robots in every store in the near future.




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