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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 29, 2014

— an amazing deaf vendor in a small town

Wolfville, Nova Scotia is a small town of just
4,000 people. Luke Sanford, who is deaf, is
the town’s #1 vendor, selling bags of popcorns
while operating his own Kernel Sanford business.
What is amazing about him is not that he is deaf,
but also uses a wheel chair. Yet he is able to
get around to sell popcorns out of his kiosk.
He’s quite popular among the town residents.


— a deaf dancer that nearly 18,000 fans watch

The Brooklyn Nets play at the Barclays Center.
This popular pro basketball team has a dancing
group called Brooklyn Nets Kids, which perform
dance routines to entertain the fans. One of the
dancers is Vako Gvelesiani. He is deaf. How hard
is it to make the dancing group? Every year 500
dancers, ages 9 to 14, tryout and only 15 makes it.
This is Vako’s second year with the dancing group.
He hopes for a professional dancing career after
high school.

— A fake-deaf picture among 2014 Top 10 Fake Pictures

A web site listed the Top 10 Wrong and Fake
Pictures for the year of 2014. One such fake
picture was a Deaf Picture, sort of! Cuba’s
long time dictator Fidel Castro wears a
hearing aid, but does not want people to
know it. His picture was photoshopped to
remove the hearing aid from his ear. Sharp
eyes said it was a fake picture!




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