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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 30, 2014

— a deaf film rated as one of the year’s best

The Tribe, a film by a group of deaf Ukrainian
producers, has been considered one of the best
films by The Palm Springs International Film Festival.
This film is unique, not because of the deafness
theme but because the deaf plot shows no subtitles,
no voice dialogue, no nothing! It won praises everywhere.

— year 2014’s unluckiest deaf person

who is the Year 2014’s unluckiest deaf person?
It is Derrick Coleman, a member of the Seattle
Seahawks NFL team that will be playing in the
playoffs. Derrick was hurt and declared out of
season. He was not hurt playing football but
broke a bone in his foot – during the pre-game
warm ups! A freak injury? Yes.



— a prison school for deaf children?

There was a short newspaper story about a new
correctional school for deaf children in
Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic.
It is in Russia. Deaf children attending
classes in prison? In English language,
correctional means jail or prison. Seems
that in translation from either the Russian
language or the Chechen language the word
– school – meant the same as – correctional.





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