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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 31, 2014

— Hong Kong cruel to a deaf father

A 14-year old Coda girl was arrested for drawing
grafitti on a pro-democracy wall, as part of
youth protest demonstrations. For that reason,
the Hong Kong police is asking the court to have
her removed from the deaf father’s custody.
Yes, the father is very upset about it.


— Titanic’s deaf connection

For years we have been fascinated by the Titanic
ship tragedy in 1912. This new ship sank on its
first trip when it hit the iceberg, causing
many deaths. Was there a deaf connection? Well,
one of these passengers was William Stead, not
deaf and a well known British writer. Before
the tragedy, he traveled to Russia and met
Anastasia Romanovna, a deaf member of the
Russian royal family. They both liked each
other and promised to stay in touch. Anastastia
then realized he was one of passengers that died.
She was heartbroken and it stayed with her until
her death!

— a Wells Fargo deaf commercial as the year’s best

Jose Costa, not deaf, is a marketer, and wrote a
newspaper article selecting the best commercials in
2014. He selected the commercial that showed a
deaf woman Sarah Churman as a deaf customer in a
Wells Fargo bank.





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