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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 1, 2015

— a hot deaf movie

There is a hot deaf movie being shown right now. So far it
has attracted over two million hearing moviegoers. What
is the movie? It is La Famille BĂ©lier, about a deaf family
and it is shown right now in French movie theaters. Will
it be shown in USA?

— a reality TV actress and her boyfriend that supports the deaf

Kate Gosselin, a reality TV actress, who first became famous with
the past Jon & Kate Plus 8 TV show, has a new boyfriend. They’ve
been dating for the past several months. He is Jeff Prescott, a
millionaire businessman and current president of the Deaf Children’s
Foundation. DeafDigest googled the foundation, wanting to know
what is this all about. But this search showed nothing, also nothing
on the boyfriend himself!


— a deaf man looking for ghosts

There is a deaf man that owned his ghost-searching business.
He said that in his lifetime he has faced many incidents
that involved ghosts, and decided to set up his own ghost-search
business in an effort to help others. For reasons of confidentiality,
DeafDigest does not want to reveal his name, his home town and
the exact name of his ghost-search business.





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