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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 29, 2015


— a deaf-owned building is sold

From time to time DeafDigest mentions deaf social
clubs closing up. Well, some of these deaf clubs
own their buildings. This list is now one less.
The Wilmington Club for the Deaf in Delaware has
put their building up for sale. Same reason –
declining membership. The club will continue,

— a corporate CEO’s big shock

Eddie V’s is a steak and seafood chain that serves
expensive dishes. There are 12 such restaurants in
Texas, California, Arizona, Illinois and Florida.
Every year this chain selects one of their chefs
as the Eddie V’s Chef of the Year. This year’s
winner is Charleston Wallace of Tampa, Florida.
He is deaf and the Eddie V’s CEO was shocked
about it as no one told him before!



— an interpreter accused of fakery

Few months ago, a deaf interpreter signed the
speech of a mayor, explaining what Ebola was
all about and how serious it is. Some deaf
people, watching the speech, thought the
interpreter was making up the story and
accused him of fakery. It was real and
not a fake – and this interpreter is the same
Jonathan Lamberton, who wowed the hearing
audience few days ago re the mayor’s NYC
blizzard speech!





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