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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 30, 2015


— two last minute stuff about deaf in Super Bowl

it happens every year!


A Bowl player named Chicklet is a deaf puppy.
She will be showing her football skills for
Team Fluff in the Puppy Bowl XI. How good
is she? Well, she is one of the starters
with the Fluff team! And she becomes the
second deaf puppy to play in the history
of the Puppy Bowl. And hopefully she will
drag the deflated (no pun intended) ball
across the goal line for a touchdown!


— deaf Pageant contestant kicked out

In Asia, Pageants are taken more seriously
than in USA. Anyway, Christine Balaguer,
a deaf Filipino woman was entered into the
National Pageant. Suddenly, she was kicked
out. Why? The Pageant organizers are not
saying anything and this deaf woman still
does not understand why she was kicked out!
It made the news in the Philippines media.
Yes, she’s very upset about it.


— a new word for Certified Deaf Interpreters

A growing field is Certified Deaf Interpreting
(CDI). More deaf individuals are becoming
CDIs, whereas there was no such a thing as
CDI in the past. A friend gave DeafDigest
editor a new word to describe CDI. It is
ASLizer, as their sign language is ASLized,
and they do ASLizing while interpreting
on the stage!




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