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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 24, 2015


— a Deaf Challenge for Hollywood

What is a Deaf Challenge for Hollywood? A movie
about a deaf president/CEO of a big hearing corporation.
That deaf person is always with ASL interpreter,
and speaks with “deaf-speech” that only a few hearing
people will understand. The actor is ASL-deaf, not
a fake-deaf hearing actor, with terrible ASL. Yes,
the deaf actor’s ASL is voiced out for the sake of
the hearing audience.


— a big city pageant winner is deaf

Emmy Faye Rudkin, a deaf woman, entering the first
beauty pageant of her life is now Miss San Antonio.
It is not a small town – but a big city of some
1,410,000 people. It is not known, however, if
Emmy knows ASL. She never went to a mainstreamed
program, instead attending a private school.
It is also not known if she plans to continue
to compete at higher level beauty pagents.


— a deaf woman in an important White House position

We watch these West Wing TV series and see how
the president and his family deal with all sorts
of political crises. Could a deaf woman be involved
in these real-life crises? Well, Leah Katz-Hernandez,
who is deaf, works the reception desk at the
West Wing! This job is what Washington people say
is ROTUS (Receptionist of the United States). What
does she do? Leads outside guests to the West Wing
in these White House appointments. Hopefully for
Leah, it will lead her to higher and higher
political steps, with all these political contacts.




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