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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 25, 2015


— a Double Deaf Cruelty

DeafDigest has mentioned that Christine
Balaguer was kicked out of the Philippines
National Pageant because of her deafness.
This is the first cruelty. It was just learned
today of a second cruel treatment. When
the pageant organizers kicked her out, they
did not have an interpreter to explain things
to her! It left her confused as she had no
idea what was going on. This is Double Deaf


— an interesting comment by a doctor about deaf

A doctor says he prefers interpreters when deaf
patients come to see him. Without an interpreter,
he had to write many notes back and forth with the
deaf patient – taking up a lot of time. And yet
he feels something was missing – that the deaf
patient may not fully understand what is going
on. With an interpreter, deaf patients understand
quickly. When and where did that doctor make that
comment. In United Kingdom years ago – before ADA
was passed in USA.


— Super Bowl-like event without captions

Going on right now is the Cricket World Cup.
World’s best cricket-playing nations are
playing against each other in Australia
and New Zealand. For these cricket-loving
nations, it is their Super Bowl. And many
deaf cricket fans root for their national
teams. And deaf fans in New Zealand are
very angry. These cricket matches on TV
are not captioned! They are screaming
for captions now. Cricket is sort of like
baseball, but the rules are much different.




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