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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 30, 2015

— a very shocking deaf scene

There was an event hosted by deaf children at a deaf school.
Attending that event was a government official. What made it
so shocking was that everyone saw the revolver that the
government official carried to this event (tucked inside his
belt) It took place in Maharashtra, India and the person was
Water Resources Minister Girish Mahajan. While he had a permit,
people were scared. Attending that event was The police
commissioner but he did nothing. There were no incidents.

— email that made human resources director angry

The human resources director of a big company received a
job application email, but he was very angry about it.

This email said:

I hope the human resources person is hearing and is not deaf

The director immediately killed the email without reading the
job application. Very hard to believe.



— a comment by a famous deaf comedian

Kathy Buckley, who is deaf, but functions as a hearing
person, is one of world’s best known comedians. She
travels all over the world, making people laugh everywhere.
People are always asking her – Are you deaf? Are you hearing
impaired? Are you hard of hearing? Her answer is always
the same – I am Kathy.




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