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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 31, 2015


— sign language that got deaf into trouble

Some one listed the signs that got the deaf into trouble.
These signs are:

1. deaf man arrested for signing pig in front of police officers

2. a fight took place at a Florida night club when signs were
thought to be gang language

3. same thing (#2 above) in North Carolina

4. fake interpreter in South Africa embarrassed the deaf

5. a deaf woman was arrested in Washington; police thought
her signs meant she wanted to attack them

6. same thing (#5 above) in California

7. police in Japan arrested 3 deaf men for using sign language
to scam a young deaf woman out of her money

Should we stop using sign language? No!



— ignoring the young deaf in sports

There was a story of a 13-year old deaf British girl
that joined her home town youth soccer team. No one
wanted her around, so during practices and games,
everyone ignored her. No one came to her to explain
what to do during pratice sessions. She was left
standing around all by herself, confused and wondering
why no one reached out to her. This went on for five
years, until she gave up and stopped going to practices.
Very said and very cruel.



— a big gamble: moving from Australia to London

Bonny Porter, who is deaf, is a skilled chef. As an Australian,
she was a finalist in a popular TV cooking contest. Seeing that
opportunities would be better for her in London, she moved
there from Australia. She is opening a new restaurant,
serving meatballs in the Soho area of London. Why the
gamble? While British people love to go out and eat,
they are not that willing to try new and different
dishes. DeafDigest hopes she will succeed.




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