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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 27, 2015

— a deaf connection with Bruce Jenner

There is a deaf connection with Bruce Jenner.
Years ago Bruce, a former Olympics decathlon
gold medal winner, attended an event. He met
future wife Linda Thompson during that event.
They got married and had two sons. Deaf
connection? The event was a fund raising
celebrity tennis tournament hosted by the
John Tracy Clinic! They stayed married
for only 5 years, though.


— the Marriott hotel irony in Belgium

DeafDigest editor and his wife stayed at the
Marriott in Brussels, Belgium. A fire alarm went
off. DeafDigest editor didn’t know about it
until he was told about this false alarm. Hotel
room had no fire alerting signaler. ADA rules?
Only in USA! Marriott Irony? Stephen Marriott,
Jr, a former senior vice president with the
Marriott hotel chain, is deaf. Did he insist
that all Marriott hotels be outfitted with
deaf devices? Probably not.

for a picture of people standing outside during the fire alarm:



— lucky to bump into a deaf group at train terminal

DeafDigest editor and his wife arrived at the train
station in Brussels, Belgium. There was no tourist
information center to help the confused tourists.
Luckily there was a group of deaf people – obviously
they were meeting at the station for a group trip
somewhere. DeafDigest editor asked the group for
directions to the hotel – just a five minute walk
away. If not for the deaf group, probably an
unneccessary cab fare! Their sign language
same as our ASL? No – but gestures and common
sense helped.

A picture of some of the deaf Belgians:




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