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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 28, 2015

— a magazine says ADA hurts the deaf

The Economist is a worldwide magazine read by people in the
business, finance and economics fields. This magazine
ran an article that said ADA is helping the attorneys
get rich with these lawsuits, instead of helping the
deaf! It says more attorneys are interested in Disability
Law because it makes money for them.


— two deaf women are big winners

In Japan, the elections took place, and there were two
big winners – both deaf women. Rie Saito, a former
nightclub hostess, won the election for a seat in
the assembly of Kita Ward, Tokyo. The second one was
Atsuko Yanetani who won the seat on the city assembly
in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture. Already the Japanese
Federation of the Deaf is celebrating this double


— the deaf in the insurance field

Gallaudet announced that the Maguire Foundation is
setting up the Maguire Academy of Risk Management
and Insurance Funds as a new major. It is supposed
to prepare the deaf for careers in the insurance
field. First time? No! We had our own insurance
company – the National Fraternal Society for the
Deaf (1901-2010). It was a million-dollar company
before it closed. And we had a deaf man in the
insurance field – Al Van Nevel.

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