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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 29, 2015

— a tale of a Deaf Hero and a Hearing Villain

Deaf Matt Hamill and Hearing Jon Jones. These two
ultimate fighters faced each other once few years ago.
Jones, the champion, beat up on Hamill but was
disqualified for an illegal hold. Fast forward now –
Hamill is praised as a hero for stopping and holding a
wrong way driver, a woman who was drunk and on drugs
with a child in the car. He waited for the cops to arrive.
Jones was stripped today of his UFC title because of hit
and run accident. Deaf Hero and a Hearing Villain.



— Sorenson given a new Wall Street rating

Moody’s, an important Wall Street rating service,
just gave Sorenson a new rating. Sort of good
news. Moody’s upgraded – just a notch – Sorenson’s
rating, and described the business as stable.
Instead of a Caa2-PD rating, it is now Caa1-PD.
It is sort of like improving a college grade from
2.0 to 2.1, still an improvement, but a long way to go!


— a Restaurant City gets a new Deaf Restaurant

A big attraction in Vancouver, BC is great restaurants,
some of which are the best in the world. And there
is a new deaf restaurant that will open up on May 7th.
The name of the eatery is Deafined. ASL waiters; ASL
chefs. According to a newspaper story, the dishes
are supposed to be delicious, but didn’t say which
fare it is – Italian, Seafood, Steaks or just
simple, comfort food.


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