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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 30, 2015

(this is an early edition; DeafDigest editor is
coming home from vacation today and wanted this
distribution out of the way)

— no more Rubella?

Many babies became deaf years ago because of rubella.
No more rubella? The last serious cases of rubella
took place in 1964-65. Several American and worldwide
health organizations said yesterday that this disease
is no longer a threat.

— the Deaf Math on Martha’s Vineyard

We have known about Martha’s Vineyard having so many
deaf people that everyone used sign language years ago.
But exactly how many people were born deaf? According
to a story, Martha’s Vineyard had one deaf birth
out of every 155 births. Outside of Martha’s Vineyard,
it was one deaf birth out of every 5,728 births!



— Starbucks hiring the deaf

Starbucks hiring the deaf to serve coffee for hearing
patrons? Do hearing patrons have patience dealing
with deaf baristas especially when the line is long
and sometimes outside the door? Well, Canary Wharf’s
Starbucks in Great Britain has hired two deaf
baristas – Manu Sulaiman and Christopher Foster.
Business at this Starbucks has been great.
Actually it was the deaf that helped the deaf. There
were so many deaf patrons at Starbucks, so the
decision to hire deaf baristas was easy!


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