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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 31, 2015 morning

— deaf is part of a small town’s rich history

Beckley is a small town in West Virginia, of some 17,700 people.
Before this town was formally established, it had a role in the
Civil War. Very possibly a deaf family was involved with the
Civil War because they all had to protect their homes. One
of the deaf family’s descendants was Edna Truax, 76. She is
not deaf but there is deafness in her family bloodline. She
said that deaf people in the town did not talk too much about
the town history. What they didn’t say has frustrated
Beckley’s historians!

— deaf baby stolen, true or false

It was a big story few weeks ago when Zella Jackson Price,
not deaf, claimed that her deaf baby was stolen immediately
from a St Louis hospital immediately she was born. Upset
county officials researched and said this story is false.
The mother, with her attorney, insists that the story
is true – claiming it was the county officials that
changed the birth records to make it look correct.
Who is telling the truth?

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