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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 20, 2015 morning



— best classmate for deaf students

A newspaper story said:

Virtual Assistant: a 3-D avatar, the best classmate for deaf students

Best classmate? There is no such a thing as perfect software
that will convert voice to sign language. This story was
written up in a newspaper in Honduras, and if the software
is 90 percent accurate, it will cause 10 percent confusion
among deaf students!



— a big reason for expanding a business

Darran Smith, not deaf, owns a company in Great Britain
that cleans driveways and patios. He was satisfied
with his business and had no plans to expand with hiring
of more employees and purchasing additional equipment
and vehicles. But he did – because Jak Barton, who is
deaf, had no luck in finding a job. He applied at 100
different places and all turned him down. Darran liked
Jak, and for that reason, he decided to expand his
business.  So far Jak has been a productive employee



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