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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 29, 2015

— no, says a famed fertility doctor

Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg is a famed Hollywood fertility
doctor. One of his patients are Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West. They wanted a baby boy, and Steinberg
worked on it. But when a deaf couple wanted a
deaf baby, Steinberg said:

No. We can’t do it because it may cause harm.
We need to do things right

— a crazy TV commercial about life insurance

There was a commercial on TV about life insurance.
It was about an angry deaf teenager accusing
her hearing father for allowing her to be
born deaf. She was running around, very
upset about it. The hidden message was
to urge families to purchase life insurance!
Geico? No way! It was a Thai life insurance
company showing its commercial on Thai TV



— pictures of USA national deaf basketball teams

These teams will compete at the 2015 World Deaf
Basketball Championships

the USA men’s team didn’t win the past Deaflympics;
so the goal is to win the world championship this time

pictures are at:

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