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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 30, 2015



— a deaf woman is accused because of an assumption

Sehriban Sertkal, a deaf Turkish woman, has been formally
accused of terrorism because of street riot last October.
She was shot by police and badly injured at that time.
What made the Turkish government think she was the
suspect? The government checked the hospital records
amd learned that she was the only woman admitted
that day! She will have her day in court.



— scientist Kirk Langstrom liked to study the bats

Scientist Kirk Langstrom was said to be gifted for
his knowledge of bats, and their ability to hear
underwater sounds. He experimented with bats’
blood to help humans hear better under water.
The experiment went bad, and Kirk became deaf,
and his body became deformed! It left Kirk
very bitter about it. Fantasy? Yes, it was
part of the Batman comics. A comic book
critic said deaf Kirk is #1 on the long list
of Batman villains.



— the “great” Kanye West cannot be captioned

Kanye West gave a recent performance at Glastonbury,
in Great Britain. His language was not appropriate,
and as a result much of his songs were not
captioned. Deaf English people were not too happy
about it, because the hearing could catch every
word whereas the deaf couldn’t!

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