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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 30, 2015

— waiting 72 years for deaf school campus to be razed

Do mention Northern New York School for the Deaf (Malone, NY)
and the chances are that no one has ever heard of it. This
school was closed in 1943. The campus, however, continued
for 72 years. It is being razed soon. DeafDigest editor
knew of an acquaintance that graduated from that school,
and also met an alumni group at a deaf function in
Syracuse, NY about 35 years ago.


— a sneak preview of a 2017 convention

Coming up real soon is the 2015 Deaf Seniors
of America convention at Asheville, NC. Want
to take a sneak preview of the 2017 event
at Houston, TX? Go to:



— two deaf texts in three weeks

The Snohomish County (Washington) 911 Center is
able to get deaf 911 emergency texts. It was
set up three weeks ago, and so far, two deaf
texts. Either deaf people have had just two
emergencies – or – there were many emergencies
in the deaf community but the deaf people just
didn’t use 911 text service?


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