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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 31, 2015


— Gallaudet changing its looks

Gallaudet going through a facelift? Don’t know but
there is an international design contest for world’s
best architects (both deaf and hearing) to make
Gallaudet look better. A big challenge for them
is to keep Gallaudet same as is (historic district
by the National Register of Historic Places) yet
change Gallaudet’s looks! How? Just don’t know.



— accidential invention helping the deaf

Rubber is an example of an accidential invention
that helped the world. What about the deaf?
Glide is a video software invented in 2013
that was supposed to help people communicate
much easier in video. These software engineers
had no idea that the Deaf Community immediately
picked it up for their own communication needs.
So, for the deaf, Glide became an accidential

— a businessman thinking of the deaf

Very few businesses think of the deaf. Examples are
cash register with no displays; wall menus in
fast food places that are hard for the deaf to
point at; immigrant clerks that do not understand
written English, etc. In the case of Dean Saunders,
not deaf, he is a top realtor in Polk County,
Florida with $650 in sales. He had his company
web site videos captioned so that deaf customers
could review the houses they want to buy. No
one asked him to caption; he just did it on
his own.


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