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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 31, 2015



— a group picture of our Deaf Seniors of America officers

The Deaf Seniors of America convention is over, and with it,
a group picture of our officers. The picture is at:


— transgender student is an issue at a deaf school

A transgender student is an issue at a deaf school. There was
a published story of a transgender girl wanting to play
sports at Indiana School for the Deaf, and was told by a
coach that she can’t. Two big issues were brought up –
the locker room and the dormitory!




— a Netflix movie brings up an interesting deaf story

Netflix is featuring a movie – Twin Sisters, that was
actually filmed in 2002, but in which the theme may
be painful for some families, especially deaf families.
Two deaf brothers were born in Germany. The hearing
parents divorced. One stayed in Germany, other moved
to USA. As part of the divorce agreement, one brother
stayed with one German parent and the other with the
USA parent. Both brothers grew up with entirely
different cultures and languages. They stayed in
contact with each other, but had problems adjusting
to each other’s culture when they visited each other.
Painful? Yes.



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