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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 31, 2015 morning


— the case of deaf child gets murky in India and Pakistan

DeafDigest has mentioned the case of a deaf child from
India and strayed across the Pakistan border and held
there for 14 years before being “returned” to her parents
in India. “Returned”? The case has twists and is getting
murky. Many families are claiming Geeta as their rightful
lost daughter, even some deaf families! And Pakistan
is conducting a court hearing to find out why an agency
has held her for 14 years without trying to locate her
rightful parents in India. And the deaf girl has been
looking at pictures of all “rightful” families and
saying she does not know them!

— some Netflix subtitles are being blocked

we have always complained for years that TV captions
block the TV scores of football games or basketball
games. And these captioned people are saying there
was nothing they could do about it. Well, what about
Netflix. The subtitles (and some captions) are being
blocked by the bars at the bottom which show time
remaining and of the volume control. One must use
tricks with the mouse to remove these bars in order
to clearly watch the subtitles and captions!



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