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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 28, 2015




— video relay bothered by 4,000 calls from one person

A man called a relay service 4,000 times. All of these calls
were not deaf-related. The relay provider has filed legal
action against the man. What was so shocking about it? That
this man was not deaf!

— confusion in Vermont

Austine School for the Deaf/Vermont Center for the Deaf
and Hard of Hearing closed up last year. No money was
the reason. As a result, the state has no real contacts
with the deaf. No one in the state government knows
what to do with deaf issues – getting interpreters,
providing services, making appropriate referrals, etc.
The only thing going around is total confusion! As a
result the Vermont Association of the Deaf, which is
a volunteer organization, is trying to push legislation
to establish a state-wide deafness task force. The
senate approved it, the house didn’t. The association
is trying again next time.





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