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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 29, 2015

— a deaf Mexican family helped by attorneys to become legal residents

We have many deaf Mexican immigrants in USA. They are trying
to become legal American residents. They have been helped by
attorneys in achieving their legal goals. This task is difficult
because of their problems in learning English, proving to
USA government that they would be persecuted if they
stayed home, etc. Most do not succeed in staying in USA
legally but a few have been successful. One such deaf
Mexican family is at:



— British Bill of Rights is bad for deaf

Deaf people in Great Britain is saying that British
Bill of Rights is bad for them! They are saying
it is worse than the Human Rights Act as compared to
Europe’s Human Rights Act. They are saying
the British bill is worse than the European bill.
DeafDigest honestly does not know the difference
between both bills!

— the Pope in Philadelphia

When the Pope, at the last minute, decided to stop
and visit Philadelphia, it created problems for
a company that specializes in setting up accessible
seats for the deaf and the disabled. That company
said it normally takes three months to set things
up for the deaf and the disabled. And that they had
to do it a very short notice. If the deaf saw the
Pope but was not able to have visible interpreters,
this is the reason.


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