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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 29, 2015 morning


— a thriller of a mystery novel about an interpreter

A book, titled “Deaf Voice: a sign-language interpreter in the court”
is 311 pages thick. It is about a man that became an interpreter
at the age of 43, and was assigned to interpret in a court
case. While interpreting he had a bad flashback that happened
to him when he was 26 years old. What happened to him
while interpreting is the mystery in the book. Want to
buy and read it? Well, it was written in Japanese
language and distributed only in Japan!

— a deaf company doing everything

DeafDigest received a press release about a deaf-owned
company that is practically doing everything – interpreting
services, captioning/CART services and video production.
That company is based in the southwest part of USA but
says it does business nationally with a long list
of clients. If this is true, then it is probably
the first – doing everything, because most
companies specialize in one thing, and not in everything.

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