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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 30, 2015


— a picture of what ADA is really all about

What is ADA? Just look at the picture at:



— Yahoo committed to Closed Captioning

Yahoo was once the king of web browsers, but fell on
hard times in recent years. Yahoo is trying to come back
and become the leader among top web browers. A big
Yahoo project right now is Closed Captioning. This
project is being developed in a video lab in Boston.
Said one of the Yahoo engineers:

it’s been especially hard to duplicate television’s success
with broadcast TV because Internet video is so complex

This comment is true because another closed captioning
veteran left this field few years ago, telling DeafDigest
editor that there has been so many changes with the
technology that he just couldn’t keep up with it!
And he was considered the best in the closed
captioning field.

— a story written by confused reporter

Yesterday, DeafDigest posted a story about the
deaf of Vermont, the state without a school
for the deaf and also without a statewide
center for the deaf and hard of hearing.
It was learned that the reporter, who did
the story was confused. He apparently didn’t
know the difference between deaf and hearing
impaired. And even worse, with people with
wheelchairs he constantly referred to them
as deaf and hard of hearing. Said an

It is crazy. I’m scratching my head!


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