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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 30, 2015

— deaf man said he felt threatened

Matthew Pocci, who is the defendant in the San Diego’s
infamous Zombie Parade automobile accident, testified
in the court case. He said he felt threatened when the
crowd jumped on his car and rocked it. A witness
told the court the crowd was theatening. Even
when he honked the horn, trying to move the car
slowly, the crowd wouldn’t move out of the way.

His picture is at:



— lucky deaf immigrant

Manuel Ordonez-Quino, a deaf immigrant, is a lucky
person. He was sitting in his cell in El Paso, TX,
awaiting deportation to Guatemala. He reportedly
agreed to leave USA. The immigration attorneys
argued that he did not understand English, and
the only language he knew was Quiché, a language
spoken in Spanish-speaking Guatamela. He could
not understand the charges in English and just
nodded his head. The immigration officials
agreed and allowed him to stay in USA!

— a 7 Up TV commercial

Pretty soon, but not sure when, a 7 Up TV commercial
will feature deaf people enjoying the music at a
dance scene. The commercial shoot will be taking
place next week. So, if you catch a 7 Up commercial,
be on the alert.


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