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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 31, 2015 morning

— deaf Lyft driver accused of kidnapping a hearing passenger

A deaf Lyft driver in San Francisco picked up the
hearing passenger, being instructed to do so by the
Lyft dispatcher. The passenger didn’t know the driver
was deaf, and attempted to give him instructions.
But when the driver took the “wrong” turn, the
passenger panicked and jumped out of the car, breaking
her ankle. The cops arrived and the passenger accused
the driver of kidnapping her. Cops investigated and
said it was a misunderstanding. The deaf driver was not
charged. In the meantime, the panicked passenger is now
limping with a broken ankle. Will she sue Lyft? Probably!



— America’s Next Top Model or Switched at Birth

Nyle DiMarco was faced with a choice, participating in
America’s Next Top Model or acting in Switched at Birth.
How did he make the decision? He didn’t; his dog did!
Was Nyle joking? This is the story he told a media
interviewer. Possibly it meant Nyle didn’t want to
leave his dog alone if he flew to the coast to do
the Switched at Birth filmings!



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