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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 29, 2016

— selfies important to deaf

many people take selfies (self-pictures) with their
own cell phones. Important? Yes and this issue is
being discussed at a conference at NTID/RIT.
Why important for the deaf? It helps the deaf
feel good about themselves, especially when the
world discriminates against them! A picture is at:

— a Deaf Bill fear among state legislators

What is the biggest fear among legislators
when a Deaf Bill is being introduced in state
legislative body? That it will lead to
lawsuits by angry hearing people! One state
legislator has proposed a bill on closed
captions and it was tabled – for one reason –
figuring how to block these lawsuits!


— politician in Malaysia hates an insult

Two politicians were arguing with each other
in Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, a past prime
minister and Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, a party
leader. The former prime minister, very
angry, called the party leader – deaf-mute!
This party leader scolded the past prime
minister, saying the word “deaf-mute” is
an insult and not appropriate!

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