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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 25, 2016

— crook says money hidden in deaf agency

Roger Munro, not deaf, is a crooked Australian
investment manager. He is accused of stealing 65
million dollars from investors that expected high
returns. The Australian Securities and Investments
Commission has been questioning him, and he told
them money is in the banking account of an
American deaf social services agency! The
Australian agency looked everywhere for the
money and cannot find it! Is he telling a lie?
A picture is at:


— five more to go

How big is the planned Deaf Grassroots Movement? Rallies
will be taking place at 45 different state capitals. This
means five more state capitals to go to make it 100
percent. Rallies? To make legislators aware of rights
and needs of the deaf.


— a donation to a deaf person

The Australian movie – “We Can Be Heroes” has a scene
where a donation to a deaf person is rather unusual.
In the plot, are twins, one deaf, one hearing. The
hearing twin wanted the deaf twin to become
hearing. Did he donate a hearing aid? No. Did
he donate money for a CI? No. He donated his
ear drum, hoping the deaf twin will become hearing!


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