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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 26, 2016

— Charlie Chaplin hearing aid mystery

During the 1928 premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s movie –
The Circus, someone was caught on camera talking
on something that looked like a cell phone.
It was not invented until 1973. Many people
think it actually was some kind of an
amplifier so that the deaf person could
speak to someone. A picture is at:


— deaf given once-in-lifetime permission

The Supreme Court never allows cameras
and cellphones in the building. But
when 12 deaf attorneys were sworn in
during a very special ceremony, the
Court allowed cellphones. The next
day, it was back to normal – no cameras
and no cellphones!


— earthquake app

The southernmost part of Japan is prone
to earthquakes and other weather disasters.
There are deaf people living in these parts
of Japan. To accommodate them with information
updates, a new app – Koetora – has been
developed at no cost. That app converts
voice to text (in Japanese language).


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— controversy with deaf winner of national pageant


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