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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 27, 2016
— deaf emergency kit vs interpreter’s emergency kit

Deaf people joke that their emergency kit is pen and
small notepad. Interpreters are supposed to have their
own emergency kit, and it is not a joke with them.
To take a look at the emergency kit, go to:

Do every interpreter carry their own emergency kits?
Do not know!


— unusual deaf film

Film director Andrew Keenan-Bolger, not deaf, is coming
up with an unusual deaf film, titled – Sign. Two actors
play their roles in that film; it is 100 percent silent,
no voices at all, except for music. The deaf actor
and the hearing actor communicate with each other in
ASL. This film will be shown at short film festivals
across the nation this summer.


— comment from a real-time captioner
A realtime captioner told DeafDigest editor:

I’m not sure exactly how open captions can be
corrected. Live captioning in realtime requires very
quick reactions. Even if a captioner made corrections
five seconds after something wrong appeared on the
screen, it would be difficult for a deaf person to
follow what is being said. If the speaker is speaking
quickly, then a lot of the context might be lost

My feeling is if they just took that $500,000 and
applied it to the cost of captioning live events
they could have many, many live events captioned
with high quality captions!



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