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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 28, 2016

— deaf chef that kitchen people love

Kristofer Jonsson is a deaf chef with the
restaurant at the Christchurch Casino
in New Zealand. The kitchen staff loves
him because he never screams at them
even when things go wrong with anything.
He said, in a TV interview, that because
of his deafness, he sees no point in
screaming at his staff! He is fluent
with New Zealand sign language and
the TV interview was interpreted for
him. See his picture, with an irony,


— a highway we may love or hate

If you are driving through Brantford, Ontario
you may be surprised to see part of Highway 403
as the Alexander Graham Bell Parkway. This
is not a joke. This was an act enacted by
the Ontario Transportation Department.
Reason – honoring the invention of the


— fate of a deaf restaurant

With much hoopla, Deafined, a deaf restaurant
in Vancouver, BC opened in May 2015. The
waiter staff was all-deaf and they taught
diners how to communicate in ASL. Few
months later it closed up for good. Why?
Lousy food or discomfort with all-deaf staff
or too much competition with these Vancouver


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