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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 29, 2016

— union interested in deaf drivers

Uber is pushing for more deaf drivers – and
it may lead to an interesting development.
Teamsters is planning to organize Uber
Drivers Association, including these current
deaf drivers. Good or bad? Normally when
employees are unhappy with working conditions,
their first thoughts is to get support of the
unions. We shall see what will happen. A picture
is at:


— medical offices rude to the deaf

Are medical offices rude to deaf patients?
Medical staff show impatience when dealing
with the deaf; would not slow down their
communications; would not hire interpreters;
and slamming pen and pad on the table when
a deaf person asked to write notes. And
in one case, a nurse asked a deaf person if
she was an idiot. ADA? No, it is happening
in France – where culture of rudeness towards
the deaf is commonplace. We are so lucky
we are in USA.


— bringing up these Super Bowl complaints

When people are unhappy with what they are
seeing on TV, they turn to FCC, hoping this
federal agency would help improve things.
But FCC does not pay attention when a deaf
person sings the national anthem in ASL and
is cut off on the TV screen. This was the
issue raised in a recent web posting.
While not posted, there is another big
issue – some commercials are not captioned.


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