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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 30, 2016

— TV news sign language interpreter fired

Leslie Grange was fired from her job as
BBC News sign language interpreter after
interpreting for seven years. Why? She
got bored with news and made up her own
news. Deaf people watching the news
program complained that what she signed
was not the actual news that was taking
place. Why was she bored? She said she
has personal problems. See the picture


— attorney says city was at fault

In 2014, during the Zombie Walk event at the
Comic-Con convention, a deaf driver, trapped
by the paraders, tried to get out and
hit a hearing woman, standing on the sidewalk.
This injured woman has filed a lawsuit against
San Diego. Her attorney said that the city
is at fault for creating a dangerous
environment where paraders were allowed to
block the stree traffic. The city says
it is not true. The annual parade was
cancelled last year for that reason.


— our Deaf Stamps

For years people thought there were few
deaf-connected stamps. A recent article
by the Linn’s Stamp News said are much
more connections than what was realized.
Examples were Gallaudet honoring President
James Garfield with a sculpture; horror
actor Lon Chaney’s parents were deaf,
and many other examples. The big
issue, not addressed in the article
is – where are the stamps of deaf
leaders that helped the deaf? We
don’t have any!


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