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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 31, 2016

— comic strip for the disabled

A comic strip is coming out in Italy, designed
by students at the Academy L’arte nel cuore.
It features four comic strip characters – deaf
person, wheelchair person, Down syndrome person
and a person without a disability. The deaf
character’s name is Milko. See the picture at:


— a bad Xfinity joke

Xfinity, under Comcast, provides cable TV services.
One Xfinity feature is a bad joke – it has a voice
activated command. One can instruct by voice
for the TV to do what you want. It is a joke
because a hearing person can shout “closed
captions” on the remote and it will turn
on captions. A deaf person can’t – and has to
look for the “closed caption” option either
on the remote or on the TV set. A bad joke,
and a nightmare, it truly is!


— deaf colors in future cars

What is a deaf-friendly future car? The dashboard shows
different colors to tell deaf drivers that something
is wrong with their cars. Hearing drivers can listen
to vibrations and know what is wrong – while feeling
the vibrations can be tricky for deaf drivers. The
engineers at the AgeLab at the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology are working on these deaf color warning


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