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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 27, 2016

— deaf has a best way to show cops

In Michigan, there is a new communications card that tells the cops
how to communicate with the deaf. The card has two sides –
one side tells the cops the person is deaf and has icons
(Interpreter, Texting, No lip-read, etc) that the deaf
person can point to. The other side has icons for the
cops to point to (license, insurance card, registration
card, etc). Is it perfect? Hope so because different
agencies agreed with the design. A picture is at:


— Hot Sauce competitor

The 2nd Annual California Hot Sauce Expo 2016 ended last
week. One of the competing hot sauce makers is Rasool,
who is deaf. High River Sauces, the host of this expo,
received over 100 entries, some from Panama, Australia,
New Zealand and Mexico. Not every one can enter the
competition, as the cut-off number of entries is 36.
It shows how serious the hot sauce competition is,
hence a great honor for a deaf competitor to be entered.


— not enough

A deaf person was arrested in Minnesota. He asked for
an interpreter; the cops refused to get him an
interpreter, but communicated with him through
notepad and pen. The judge said notepad and pen
is not enough, and that he must be given an
interpreter, and awarded him $30,000. This
$30,000 is really a joke because half of it
goes to his attorney!


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