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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 28, 2016

— cop suspended for mocking the deaf

There was an incident involving a deaf passenger
on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
train platform. The cop, who confronted the
deaf passenger, was so angry about it that she
posted on her Facebook page, mocking his
deafness. The angry officials immediately
placed her on paid annual leave. See the
picture at:


— oral deaf person pleads guilty in court case

This is a true story. An oral deaf person
that knows no ASL and depends on lipreading,
was in a traffic court, fighting a speeding
ticket. The judge knew that the person was
deaf and offered him an interpreter. He
refused. Offered him CART, and he refused,
and told the judge he can lipread. The
judge gave up and asked him a question.
Not understanding the question, the
oral person said yes. The question
judge asked was:

Are you pleading guilty?

Everyone in the court room laughed,
even the judge. Fortunately for
the deaf person, the judge, knowing
he didn’t understand the question,
changed it from guilty to not guilty!


— hearing person has reason to love captions

A hearing person has a big reason for
captions. He loves to watch iPad
shows while in bed with his wife.
He turns on captions because he did
not want to wake up his wife who
is sleeping! This is another example
of a Deaf Device that helps the



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