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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 29, 2016

— a Deaf Elevator

What is a Deaf Elevator? Just look at the picture at:


— another Deaf Case in Supreme Court

We have another Deaf Case in Supreme Court –
the deaf of Texas have accused state driving
schools of discrminating against them. The
the federal appeals court ruled against
the deaf, saying it was a matter of state
overseeing the private schools licensing
matters and nothing to do with driving
instructions (of the deaf). Looking back,
we have won some cases and lost some cases.


— deaf in life-threatening jobs

Could the deaf work in life-threatening jobs?
Fighting in battle zones in the military;
fighting huge fires; serving as police
officers, etc. Advocates say yes – the deaf
can do it. There is a push to have the deaf
serve in the military. A deaf police officer
in Alaska was shot to death. A military
veteran wrote in a Frederick, MD
newspaper, worried that the deaf cannot
respond quickly to commands without
delay in battle zones! This is not to
say that the deaf can’t, because hearing
do get hurt and even get killed.


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