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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 30, 2016

— new deaf superintendent of a hearing school district

Sharon Contreras, who is deaf, has been appointed as the
new superintendent of Guilford County (NC) School
District. She is an experienced educator, having
served in high administrative capacities with other
school districts across USA. Her deafness? Yes, but
she functions as a hearing person and knows no ASL.
Her picture is at:


— job security not always 100 percent for interpreters

People say that interpreters have safe, lifetime jobs because
of high demand by the Deaf Community. Not always true!
The state of Connecticut has laid off all 35 of its
interpreters that worked for The Department of
Rehabilitation Services. Why? Connecticut is broke.
Instead, the state will use a private interpreting
service which charges at lower rates. DeafDigest
hopes all of these laid off interpreters will find
high paying interpreting jobs, with benefits,
elsewhere. The state must realize cheap interpreters
do not always mean best interpreters. Anyway,
the Deaf Community is very upset.


— arrested without knowing why

Daniel Downes, a deaf resident of Fairfax, New Zealand,
was arrested by the police without knowing what was
he doing wrong. Even worse, the police roughed him
up and knocked him down to the sidewalk, breaking
his hearing aid. What was his crime? He was drinking
beer in public in the early hours of the morning.
Deaf Community leaders are upset and the police said
they are investigating the incident – wanting to
know why a peaceful deaf man was roughed up over
a minor offense.


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