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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 22, 2016

— next step in speech to text

Google has been working on the speech to text
technology. Yet, we continue to see these
live captioning bloopers on TV and with these
youtube videos. Very possibly within the next
generation, these bloopers will disappear.
Anyway TDI has hired a deaf man, Eric Kaika
to work with Google on these captioning blooper
issues. Why these bloopers? USA is a big country
and we have these accents, drawls, dialects
as part of our rich linguistic heritage.
His picture is at:


— expelled deaf student wins court case

DeafDigest mentioned a while ago that Jane
Ottah was expelled from Rivers State
University of Science and Technology in
Nigeria. What was the reason she was
expelled? The university did not want her
because of her deafness! She won an ugly
and nasty court case – and in addition
to getting money, she is re-enrolling at
the university. The newspaper said that
her victory was unbelievable!


— protesting the hated VRI

VRI? Hospitals and medical offices love it
because it saves them money on interpreting
fees. Deaf people it because video screens
are lousy. The deaf people of Houston, TX
is staging rallies to protest the continued
use of VRI. These rallies are taking place
on July 29th and August 9th. Will it help?
Doubt it because VRI meets the minimum
acceptable accommodations required of
these medical facilities.



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