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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 26, 2016

— best TV series that represented the deaf

There was an article that praised the old Star Trek
series as the best for using deaf and disabled
actors. It mentioned deaf actor Howard Seago
as Riva, using telepathy to communicate with
his three interpreters. And that when Captain
Picard spoke to the interpreter, Riva scolded
him for bad manners. A picture is at:


— classroom clapping not permitted

Deaf people wave their hands instead of
clapping. At a school in Sydney, Australia,
classroom clapping is not permitted. Why?
The teacher is deaf and the school
administration wanted to show respect for
her deafness!


— Australia not allowing deaf jurors

There is a case in High Court right now in
Australia (equivalent to our Supreme Court)
concerning Gaye Lyon, a deaf woman, not
allowed to serve on jury. Well, there was
a big case in Pennsylvania during the
mid-eighties on the same thing. The
deaf woman won and was able to serve on
a jury. It came at a big price – $5,000
in legal fees. If it happened today,
it would be $15,000-$20,000.


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