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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 27, 2016

— big chain changes its ways for the deaf

A typical Starbucks outlet is chaotic. Customers
shout out their orders; baristas write down order
and customer name on the cup; baristas also shout
out the customers’ names for them to pick up
their orders. Can get quite confusing, noisy
and chaotic. In Malaysia, this chaotic system
has been stopped – for the sake of ten deaf
baristas that want to take orders. For that
reason, digital screens have been posted on
the wall. See the picture at:


— most unusual deaf traveler

Deaf people love to travel and Isaac Liang, a
deaf man from Singapore, is probably the
most unusual traveler. He will travel to
China and Taiwan despite not knowing
Chinese language and traveling alone.
He depends on gestures to get directions
since written notes are useless. He does
not want to travel with a group. His
goal is to travel everywhere. Will he
beat the late Irwin Bosch, who has
traveled to 106 nations before
passing away.

— ASL-like hearing people at airport

DeafDigest editor, waiting for his airplane
trip to Portugal, saw a large group of
hearing passengers, seemingly communicating
with each other in ASL. These people
were going back home to Madrid. He
remembered visiting Madrid few years
ago and just about everyone in the city
would gesture out every word, which
looked like ASL! It was an interesting
cultural shock.



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