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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 28, 2016

— greedy nurse and her three deaf children

Cheryl Henwood is a British hearing nurse, and
a mother of three deaf children. She cheated
the British government of nearly $135,000
by claiming disability benefits for her deaf
children. The money she got illegally was
spent on holiday trips, a jet-ski and a pet
horse. She, and her husband were both earning
comfortable incomes from their jobs! She is
now facing court charges with possible
forfeiture of her bank account, dismissal
from her job as nurse and possible
prison time. A picture is at:


— movies on international air flights

DeafDigest editor vacationed in Portugal
and flew by United Airlines. Technically
airlines are not subject to ADA regulations
(captioned movies) if flown over foreign
land. It was a pleasant surprise to
be able to watch a few subtitled movies
that United carried! Deaf passengers
need to click on “international films”
and look for films that are subtitled,
and not dubbed in voice.


— deaf in political party conventions

There is a story of a group of deaf people
attending the Democratic National Convention,
with interpreters and with captions. What
about the Republicans? There were no
newspaper stories about the deaf at the
Republican National Convention, only of
the Democratic National Convention?
Why? DeafDigest editor will not draw up


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