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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 29, 2016

— tongue, not ears

For the deaf to use their tongue, not ears
(hearing aids, CI’s) to hear? Weird?
Not to researchers at Colorado State
University! They have come up with a
special mouthpiece that fits under
the tongue. A picture is at:


— hospital for deaf

Did we ever had a hospital only for deaf patients?
There was a short newspaper story in Knoxville,
TN, that mentons it, but with a different
wording. The paper said that in the late 19th
century, a medical facility for the deaf existed
in the Stair Building in downtown Knoxville.
Medical facility for the deaf same as deaf


— local pizza chain thanks the deaf

A fast growing pizza chain in Washington,
area is &pizza (spelling is correct). The
&pizza founders established its first
outlet at a food court across the street
from Gallaudet Universiy. They selected
the location, not because of Gallaudet
but because they felt the demographics
was perfect. The first day the place
opened up for business, the first
eight customers were deaf! Thanks to
Gallaudet, this &pizza chain grew
fast right now, 20 outlets have opened
up in the Washington, DC area and it
is still growing.


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