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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 30, 2016


— Saying no to a deaf man that wants to be balloon pilot

In USA we have a known deaf balloon pilot. It is
Clinton Glancy, Goshen, Ohio. There may be others
but Glancy is the only known one. And even there
is a deaf crew that helps a hearing balloon pilot
on his air rides! Miyamoto Yasuhiro, who is deaf,
wants to become Japan’s first deaf balloon pilit.
The government says no, saying radio use is required.
Well, Ohio says yes, while Japan says no. A picture
is at:


— deaf team defeats hearing impaired team

There was a newspaper story about a futsal game (indoor soccer)
in Bahrain. It said:

the Deaf Team won 10-2 over the Hearing Impaired Team

Deaf defeating Hearing Impaired? Deaf people are also
hearing impaired!

Not sure why the newspaper wrote it that way – unless
the hearing impoared team consists of players that
have hearing losses in the mild and moderate ranges
(very low decibels)?


— judge says discrimination is “nothing”

A deaf husband wanted an interpreter while
witnessing the childbirth of his hearing wife.
The hospital refused, saying husband is not
the patient while the wife (who does not need
an interpeter) is the patient. This case
went to the court. The judge ruled against the
deaf husband, saying his discrimination
complaint is “nothing”! The deaf husband
has filed an appeal. This case is in Australia,
not USA!


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