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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 31, 2016

— deaf school saved by a miracle

In 1917, two ships had a collision on the waters
of Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada). The explosion
killed 2,000 people and injured 9,000 people.
The school for the deaf was located near the
explosion. While the explosion damaged the
school, only two students were hurt. All others
were safe. Why? Possibly because everyone
was kept inside due to blizzard and
freezing weather. Two deaf filmmakers are
making a film about this school surviving
the explosion as well as to introduce the
Maritimes Sign Language, currently dying
right now. A picture is at:


— famous actor’s connection with the deaf

Everyone knows that Gene Wilder passed away and
that Karen Boyer was his wife. Did Wilder really
have a connection with the deaf? It was through
his wife. She was a speech pathologist with the
New York League for the Hard of Hearing. He
wanted to know more about the deaf because of
his role in the movie – Hear No Evil, See No Evil.
Not only she taught him lipreading and on what
deafness was all about, but she became his wife!



— home-made DVDs are hot sellers

Ayodele Maja is a deaf Nigerian man who is
an expert with electronics. He came up with
a low cost DVD player, much lower in cost
then any other DVDs sold in stores. Word
got around and he has made many sales.
He wishes to expand his business and to
employ factory workers – but said it is
impossible in Nigeria. For now he continues
with these home-made DVDs, built by hand
not by machines.


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