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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 26, 2016

— clapping not permitted

A hearing school in Australia does not permit
students to clap their hands. They are, however,
permitted to wave their hands – as in Deaf Applause.
Hearing school hate hearing students? No. This
school has some hearing students that are
sensitive to noise from loud clapping, and to
protect them, clapping is not allowed! A picture
is at:


— anti-deaf incident at a bar

A deaf woman and her three hearing friends entered
a Pittsburgh bar. All four of them ordered drinks.
The bartender served three hearing friends but
refused to serve the deaf woman! Making it worse
was that these three hearing friends would not
tell the bartender to please serve the deaf woman!
Yes, the deaf woman was angry about it, feeling
that these hearing people were “fake” friends.


— a sad piece of Deaf History in Rome

There is a sad piece of Deaf History in Rome
that very few deaf people know about. Not
Rome, Italy, but Rome, New York. A deaf
man owned a restaurant in downtown Rome.
This restaurant was considered to be the
best in the city. The city officials thought
a shopping mall would be much better than
these downtown stores, and agreed to have
it demolished. As a result, the downtown
deaf-owned restaurant was wiped out.



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