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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 27, 2016

— captions and non-captions

A deaf man was vacationing in London and stayed at a
hotel. The TV in the hotel lobby showed captions.
The TV in his room showed no captions – of the
same program! Something funny going on? A
picture is at:


— angry at a deaf lipreader

an oralist deaf person, knowing no signs, depends
on lipreading. At a meeting, that deaf person
sat in the front row and watched the lips of
all speakers. One speaker didn’t like being
“stared” at by the deaf lipeader and accused
him of being rude. Anyway that hearing speaker
turned his back to the lipreader for the rest
of his speech!


— nearly 170 people were arrested

In Bangalore, India, a rapid transit officer was
suspicious when a bus ticket looked like a fake,
shown by a non-disabled passenger. That passenger
tried to fake his deafness. The officer then
asked for the disability certificate. The
certificate showed a stamped seal but with
wrong spelling. It should be spelled “Disabled
Welfare Officer, Bangalore Urban district”
but the wrong word was used. Instead of “urban”
it was spelled “Croan.” The fake-deaf passenger
was arrested and after further questioning, it
was learned that many such fake certificates
were distributed. Eventually nearly 170
passengers carrying these fake certificates
were arrested!



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